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Graphic Designer

Saaruka Maheswaran is CHANGE’s Graphic Designer where she is responsible for designing visual content for CHANGE’s website. 

Saaruka is a third-year student, pursuing a double major in human biology and psychology. Saaruka volunteers her time to numerous initiatives on campus, including Young Leaders of Public Health and Medicine, Relay for Life, and MEDLIFE. Her hobbies include playing soccer and video games with her friends and family. 

Saaruka chose to be part of CHANGE because she has a strong passion for helping children. She believes that children keep the world balanced with their innocence and inspiration. Being a child of parents who were raised in a developing country has shown her how their health issues as a child were overlooked because they were unable to receive health care due to financial reasons or there was no health care available. Saaruka hopes to advocate for children and help make a change in the community for the better by spreading awareness and educating both herself and others in an informative yet interesting manner because children are the future.

Saaruka's Bio: About Us
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