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Research Assistant

Narotam Dhaliwal is a research assistant at CHANGE where he is responsible for conducting literature searches, environmental scans, and converting scientific, peer-reviewed research into accessible information for the general public.

Narotam is pursuing his Honours Bachelor of Science, specializing in Psychology. As a Digital Technologies Intern for a Toronto area education company, Narotam works to create high quality educational content that is based in empirical research for students in kindergarten to Grade 7. As a mass vaccination clinic volunteer for Peel Region, Narotam is responsible for answering client questions regarding the administration of mRNA vaccines, directing clients to registration and vaccine injection areas, and representing the Region of Peel while interacting with members of the public. Narotam also enjoys reading, computer programming, and has recently taken up learning illustration. 

Through working with CHANGE as a research assistant, Narotam hopes to make empirical knowledge of global health crises that overwhelmingly impact children, more accessible to the public. As well as highlighting opportunities for individuals to support causes addressing these issues.

Narotam's Bio: About Us
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