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  • The development of vaccines is said to be one of the greatest advancements in medical science.

  • They harness the power of the immune system to protect the individual against different diseases or illnesses.

  • According to one study completed in the US, after national vaccination recommendations were in place illnesses like diphtheria, measles, paralytic poliomyelitis, rubella, and smallpox decreased by more than 99%.

  • In fact, smallpox has been eradicated worldwide. Many diseases that were once quite dangerous are now vaccine-preventable. This is why routine childhood vaccinations must continue even during the COVID-19 pandemic  (Roush, 2007)                         

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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened the ability of health care systems around the world to maintain childhood vaccinations.

  • Many parents have cancelled or postponed their child’s vaccination appointments due to the fear of contracting COVID-19 (Alrabiaah et al., 2020; Torner, 2020; Zhong et al., 2021).

  • Many countries also implemented stay-at-home orders during the pandemic which also contributed to the decreased number of vaccinations (Alrabiaah et al., 2020; Coker et al., 2020; McDonald et al., 2020; Moraga-Llop et al., 2020; Skolnik et al., 2021).

  • It is estimated that of 129 countries, almost 53% of them have experienced suspension or moderate/severe disturbance of vaccine services (World Health Organization, 2020).

  • One study estimates that almost 9 million doses may have been missed in 2020 (Skolnik et al., 2021).

  • One hospital in Saudi Arabia found that standard vaccines given at 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12-months of age declined by 72.9% (Alrabiaah et al., 2020).

  • In England, vaccine coverage for measles, mumps, and rubella decreased by 20% during the first few weeks of lockdown (McDonald et al., 2020).

  • Similarly, Singapore experienced a decrease in the level of measles vaccines administered, resulting in decreased immunity in the population (Zhong et al., 2021).

  • Many studies within the United States are also showing decreased uptake of routine vaccines.

  • In both Southern California and Michigan, there was a decrease in routine vaccines in all age groups, this effect was especially apparent for measles-containing vaccines (Ackerson et al., 2021; Bramer et al., 2020)

  • Due to the decreased uptake of routine childhood vaccines, outbreaks of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases have begun to appear in many countries.

  • This has been the case most especially for measles. To prevent an outbreak of measles, there needs to be 95% herd immunity.

  • If this number decreases, as it has in many countries, the possibility for an outbreak is present (Alrabiaah et al., 2020; Zhong et al., 2021).

  • Almost 18 countries have reported an outbreak of measles due to the suspension of life-saving measles vaccination campaigns.

  • There have been outbreaks in Afghanistan, Brazil, Cambodia, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Nigeria, and Uzbekistan (Dinleyici et al., 2020).

  • There have also been outbreaks of Diphtheria in Venezuela, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Yemen (Dinleyici et al., 2020). While some missed vaccines can be given at a later time, other vaccines need to be given

  • Within a certain time period. The Rotavirus vaccine for example cannot be administered after 8 months of age. Children who missed this vaccine are now permanently at a higher risk of gastroenteritis (Alrabiaah et al., 2020).

  • Evidently, a consequence of decreased vaccine uptake during the pandemic is the increased risk of outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases.

  • This is especially burdensome for an already taxed health system (Alrabiaah et al., 2020).

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