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Faculty Supervisor

Dr. Cirelli is the faculty supervisor for CHANGE. She is an Assistant Professor in the Psychology department at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the director of the TEMPO lab. Her laboratory work focuses on the social and emotional effects of music in infancy and early childhood. She is the course instructor for Introduction to Developmental Psychology and Infancy.

Dr. Cirelli is passionate about understanding infant development and the roles that family and society play in the early years. The global pandemic has created challenges for children and families that we are only beginning to understand.  Through working with CHANGE, Dr. Cirelli hopes to help raise awareness of these challenges as the CHANGE team translates and organizes research in this area for the public. In her spare time, Dr. Cirelli enjoys reading, walking her dogs, and making playdough creations her toddler.

Dr.Laura Cirelli's Bio: About Us
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