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Research Assistant

Bhargavi Venkataraman is a Research Assistant at CHANGE, working to research and write content that informs the public about the numerous health crises which children suffer from around the world. 

Bhargavi is a second-year student in the Health Sciences program at McMaster University and works part-time as a tutor. She is also a volunteer at McMaster Health Tech where she researches and writes about new technologies relevant to health. In her free-time, she likes to read psychological thrillers, cook and bake!

Bhargavi witnessed the impact that various diseases can have on children from poverty stricken countries, having herself come from a small village in India.  She would like to play a part in combating these issues, especially amidst a pandemic which is hitting these communities the hardest and this is what I hope to do at CHANGE.

Bhargavi's Bio: About Us
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