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Social Media Director

Aisha is CHANGE’s Social Media Director where she is responsible for monitoring social media platforms, responding to inquiries, and regularly posting about upcoming events.

Aisha is pursuing her Bachelors of Science with a major in Biology for Health Science and Psychology. In the summer, she works as a camp leader for children where she leads them through daily activities including robotic building workshops and courtyard games. She volunteers with the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) where she engages in monthly, community events such as quarantine socials, game nights, and education initiatives. As a WUSC volunteer, Aisha strives to raise awareness about refugee students, and highlight the importance of education and the limitations of educational resources to poverty and war stricken populations.

Aisha is dedicated to understanding child development and the effects the pandemic has on their education. Her interest in children’s health is based on her compassion for children in impoverished environments and her desire to raise awareness about global children’s health. In her freetime, Aisha enjoys reading, watching documentaries, cooking, and spending time with animals.

Aisha's Bio: About Us
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