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Events Director

Kaaviya Jegatheesvaran is CHANGE’s Event Coordinator where she is responsible for organizing and hosting events that the group holds.

Kaaviya is a third-year student that is pursuing a double major in Human Biology and Psychology. As a Research Assistant for The Laboratory for Infant Studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Kaaviya works closely with children and carries out studies understanding infant behaviour. As a Medical Assistant at Good Steth Medical Clinic, Kaaviya works with a medical doctor to perform duties that allow her to work closely with patients and help with the care that they need. Some of Kaaviya’s hobbies are reading, baking, and playing basketball.

Kaaviya chose to be a part of CHANGE because she loves children, and she loves how CHANGE is an organization that helps children. By being a part of CHANGE, Kaaviya wishes to inform other individuals about the health crises that occur globally that impact children and how such crises can be dealt with.

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